DVD vs. blu-ray & Digital Copy

DVD vs. Blu-ray

unsure about the differences?

All of our videos are recorded in full High Definition.  While Blu-ray (BD) and a Digital Copy are both HD formats, DVD is an older format that is unable to display High Definition video.  Because of this, if you watch a DVD on an HDTV, the picture quality is reduced.

One way to think about it, is that your video is recorded as the size of the blue rectangle above.  In order to fit the video on a DVD, the video must be reduced to the size of the white DVD rectangle.  If you then display the DVD on your HDTV, the video has to be blown up back to the size of the blue rectangle, but in that process you lose picture quality.

The image below shows the end result.  On the right is the original picture quality.  On the left is what happens after the image is reduced and then blown back up to the original size.  You can notice the difference in the quality by looking at the bride's ring, and the outline of the groom's head, and then looking back at the bride's earring and the details on the bride's dress.  The DVD copy is just not as sharp.

Blu-ray is a newer format, but a Blu-ray disc cannot be played in an old DVD player.  Blu-ray players can be purchased through Amazon for about $40-$75 depending on if you are buying new or refurbished.

A digital copy provides your video in full HD, but if you would like to view your video on a TV, you will need a device (such as an AppleTV) to stream the file to your TV.

So which one should you get?

Due to changing technology, the digital copy is the best way to future-proof your video in the highest quality.  You would receive an .mp4 of your video, that can then be copied over to as many computers, hard drives, and cloud storage as you would like!  Cloud storage is highly recommended as the best way to avoid not only hard drive failure (which is really only a matter of time), but also against fire and theft!