Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes.  I come prepared with not only a backup camera, but also backup batteries, microphones etc.

How long does it take to receive our video?

I can typically finish editing your video about eight to twelve weeks after your event.

Do you use a bright light?

The cameras that I use are so good in low-light, that typically I only use a light during the reception.  While some videographers use multiple bright lights, I use just one dimmable light that is mounted on my camera.

Typically I wear either a dark suit or tuxedo.

What will you wear to my event?

Do you do interviews?

I have found that most guests would rather not be bothered with interviews.  However, of course you know your guests better than I do, so if you would like to have interviews during your reception, I can certainly do so if requested.

How will you hear the torah portion?

I use a small wireless microphone that can be placed up front to help
capture crisp, clear audio of the service.

I have seen other videographers roll around a large tripod on the dance floor, do you do this?

Absolutely not!  I shoot most of the footage handheld.  Not only does this make for more interesting footage, but your guests do not need to worry about tripping over any equipment on the dance floor.

Do you travel?

Of course!  I serve most of Pennslyvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, but I will travel to wherever your event is held.  Distances further than 2 hours from Hatboro, PA may require a travel fee to cover the additional time and expense.

Why the name New Milford?

When I first started creating short videos, I relied on my family and friends to be the cast and crew.  The neighborhood that we lived in was called New Milford, and over the years I have kept the name the same.