Planning Guide

We know that planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy! After being a part of hundreds of weddings, I figured I could compile a list of some tips, tricks, and planning advice, that might be able to help make the planning process a little easier. We know that every wedding day is different, so of course feel free to make it your own, that’s what makes every wedding so special!

We typically recommend starting your coverage about 1-1.5 hours before your first look, or 2-2.5 hours before your ceremony (if you are not doing a first look. It can also work well to end your coverage about an hour before the end of your reception (or 3 hours into the reception) unless you are planning on doing a send off at the end of the night. If you are doing a sparkler send off, that might be a reason to have your coverage go until the end of the reception.

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