Short Film Song Selections

These song choices will be used throughout your video, and mixed with some live audio of your vows and the speeches and your reception.

To finish editing, we typically need between 6-10 songs of your choice.  The exact number of songs that will be used depends on your coverage length, and the length of each song.

For your recap, it can work well to use your wedding song, but you can pick another song if you would prefer not to use it.  We will also need at least 2-3 songs to be faster, since we will use them for the footage at your reception.  It can also work well to pick one instrumental song (no lyrics) so that we can use it during your ceremony footage.  All of the other songs can be whatever type of music you prefer!

Please include both the artist name and song title in the form below, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to help with your song choices!

Name *
Event Date *
Event Date
Are the songs listed in order of your preference?
If you have no preference, we would have more flexibility to pick the segments that work best for each song, but some songs may not be used.
Your First Dance song can work great, or you can choose another song for this 3-4 minute long highlight video.
An instrumental (no lyrics) can work well.
A faster song choice can work well.
A faster song choice can work well.
A faster song choice can work well.