Song Selections

We know that music can be very personal, and preferences differ from couple to couple! That’s why we include your choice of music in every package! However, one important thing to remember is music copyrights. For a wedding video to be posted online, some popular songs can cost over $10,000 per song! That is why we recommend that you pick your recap song from the library.

Included in the Song Freedom library are both popular songs by artists such as Ben Rector, The Lumineers, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, and Andy Grammer, as well as many great artists on smaller labels! One advantage to choosing from the Song Freedom library is that we can then obtain the license that allows us to upload your recap video to popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! If you were to pick a song not from their library for your recap, unfortunately your recap video would not be allowed on those websites and would be for your personal use only.

Another advantage to using the Song Freedom library is that it is full of music that works great in wedding videos! These are songs with great beats and pacing that lends itself specifically to be used in our wedding videos!

Since your Feature Film, or Short Film, will not be posted online and are for your personal use, you can feel free to choose any song you would like for your remaining song choices!

You can listen to some of our favorites recap songs at the links below!

Choose your songs here!

To finish editing your video we will typically need a total of 8 or 9 songs. One of those songs would be used for your recap, and two or three of those songs would be used during your reception (so faster dance songs can work better for those segments). The remaining four or five songs would be used for other portions of your video and can be faster or slower, whatever you prefer!

To submit your songs, you can either email us directly, or use the form below, whichever is easiest for you!

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